Friends 2 Friends members collecting their plaque at Lichfield Trent Valley

Friends 2 Friends is a charity that supports adults with learning disabilities, other vulnerable adults and their carers.
We are a member led group and our aim is to promote independence, increase confidence and support the members to learn the skills needed to be part of the community in which they live.
We feel that to do this, the social side of life is extremely important so we offer a relaxed and informal setting where friendships can be made.
As a member led group, the members arrange what courses, activities and outings they would like to do, with minimal support.
This video report from our co-ordinator (which shows an insight of what a year at F2F is like) was shown at our 2021 Annual General Meeting!
Obviously 2020 was not a typical year due to the Coronavirus pandemic but F2F became F2F@Home and continued the best that we could

Since opening, our members have put on community events and raised funds for their own group, gained qualifications, worked with local companies to improve the services they offer, supported Civic events, run community cafes, moved into independent living and employment and formed positive relationships.
We dont receive any government funding and we survive mainly on donations.

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National Lottery Funding