Our members get up to so much! They organise fundraising events, plan day trips, decide what skills they want to learn and choose the courses they want to take, they make new friends and always have fun while they're doing it.

A fundraising event
Some of our Burton members
Our Countdown trip
Lichfield Bower


Our members have created a range of different groups within F2F. One of our members formed a singing group, F2F Voices. The group have sung in public to raise awareness for Mental Health and at community events, and even recorded their own CD.
Alongside voices, they have formed their own history, art and cookery groups within Friends 2 Friends, so there is something for everyone.

- F2F Voices group -
- F2F History group -


Shelly has been a member of F2F since 2014. She is always helping out and thinking of great ideas for the members to do especially art ideas. Shelley is very creative and loves to draw colourful pictures. Shelly is very talented, she is in charge of all Friends 2 Friends event posters. Colour and Shelly go well together, from her bright clothes right down to her wonderful pictures.

- - - -
Not only does Shelly draw great pictures, she uses them in animation. This is a video she made working with Ian Whittle. It shows what F2F is all about fun and friendship.